Here are some words from Art’s students and email comments:

You will not be bored!


You will learn to improvise and memorize music easier. Studying with Mr. Matthews is like taking a college course without the high tuition costs. Music theory will make sense and you can put it to good use on any instrument. I feel grateful to have the privilege to study with such a great jazz artist and historian. I am performing with more freedom and FUN!

Jacki B.

Email Comment


Hi Art,
My grandson is staying home today. We'd like to have you conduct his lesson sometime during the day or at his normal time tonight via Skype. He seems to love the keyboard almost as much as his Xbox and that is certainly saying something.
Thanks for making him smile..


Art has so much to offer & share!

Jeff DeLangie

Art not only has plentiful experience as a world-wide performer and a teacher of all skill levels, but also has a rich personal musical history reaching back to his father, Dr. Artie Matthews, who played an integral part in the blossoming of American music of the early 1900s. Art is also a proponent of music technology and is versatile in many styles of music. He is flexible & encouraging and if you're serious about learning the piano, he'll be there to support you 100% of the way. On top of that, he's a humble and nice guy! So do yourself a favor and don't pass him up. He has so much to offer and share!

Jeff DeLangie, Jr.

Art Matthews is not just a great player, but most importantly, he knows how to teach.

sm.7938e18fAlthough I've been involved in many professional recording projects I've never been a real player. I was quite masterful at sequencing and that helped open doors for me. I'd been invited by a couple artists to join their touring bands but I had to decline because I knew that sequencing wasn't going to cut it. I was given way too much credit as a player but I knew the truth. I finally decided to re-enter the world of music education and seek out someone (not just anyone) who I could respect as a player. As I scoured the internet I found so many piano teachers who'd uploaded their resumes but had no samples of their playing abilities. I found this very frustrating. One night after several hours I was about to give up. It was about 6am and I was so tired. I thought I'd try just one more. That's when I found Art Matthews. He was playing the piano! Really playing! I was so impressed with the ease at which he created those beautiful voicings. He made it look so effortless. I got in contact with him and started studying with him right away. That was about 10 weeks ago. Art finds out where you want to go, then helps you create a path to get there. He'll help you play blues, pop, country, jazz standards, or whatever. I truly believe he's going to change my life for the better. I'm so lucky to have found him. If you're truly serious about studying the piano and paying someone to teach/coach you, then it would be ridiculous to turn down a free sample lesson. Right? So, take Art's free sample lesson to see how he can help you reach your goals as a piano player (or pianist, if you're so inclined). I'm so glad I got on board before he gets too booked up. Art Matthews is not just a great player, but most importantly, he knows how to teach. And if you've ever had piano lessons before you'll be pleasantly shocked at the value you'll get for your money. So sign up now and take advantage of the fact that Professor Matthews LOVES TO TEACH. He really does.

Wille Townes

His enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility make learning fun.

Tony Kohlman 2Art Matthews is a wonderful player who really loves to teach. His enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility make learning fun. Moving forward I am very excited and confident Art will bring out the best in me. My only regret is not finding him sooner.

Tony Kohlman

If you are serious about playing piano, you would be hard pressed to find someone as reliable, or as knowledgable as Art Matthews

sm.99c3c0161.pngI've been taking face to face lessons with Art Matthews for over 5 years now. His knowledge on music theory, and the art of playing the piano is exceeded only by his ability to convey that knowledge onto his students in a very natural progression. Art does not teach merely how to play songs, he gets you to understand the structure and inner mechanics of music you hear every day so that you can apply that knowledge and make music of your own. Art has never failed to impress me with his ability to analyze, and make me understand any genre of music I have brought to him. Having said this, when Art told me of his plans to do online lessons, I was skeptical that he could effectively deliver the same personalized lesson structure that I had grown accustomed to. Art offered me a free chance to try his 4 camera interactive Skype lesson, in exchange for some feedback so that he could Iron out the kinks. I'm happy to say that he has impressed me once again with his ingenuity, and has pulled it off with flying colors. I personally think he has come as close to a lesson in his physical presence, as possible. When learning a new instrument, I feel it is imperative that you have a coach along for the ride, and thanks to Arts' new online lessons, my coach is there when I need him day or night at the click of a button. If you are serious about playing piano, you would be hard pressed to find someone as reliable, or as knowledgable as Art Matthews.

Jason Drapeau

Art Matthews is the best piano teacher I have ever had.

sm.e19bcb2f.pngArt Matthews is the best piano teacher I have ever had. He is not only supremely experienced in the teaching and the playing of the piano but also has rubbed shoulders with some of the jazz greats. I have never met someone who knows so much about the piano who, at the same time, has such a deep background in the music world. All of this distinguishes Mr. Matthews more than favorably from other piano teachers and makes him a perfect choice for those who wish truly to excel in their studies. The first thing that struck me about Mr. Matthews was his reliance upon his vast teaching experience and knowledge base when he initially instructed me. Mr. Matthews often creates his own lesson plans that are tailor-made to improve my weaknesses and that, at the same time, play off of my strengths. As well, Mr. Matthews also uses selected book exercises to address pertinent issues I may have. Combining lessons based off of extant material along with his own approach, Mr. Matthews teaches with just the right mix of structure and fluidity that makes progress steady and fun. As well, Mr. Matthews is one of the best people I have ever known. Patient and kind, he tends to each lesson with compassion and devotion. I never feel small or otherwise lacking in his presence. And I certainly make my share of mistakes! Yet, I have noticed that those mistakes, under the supervision of Mr. Matthews, are growing fewer and more far between. Furthermore, thanks to Mr. Matthews’ teaching, I have been able to undertake the study of more and more challenging material, material that would have remained out of reach if I were to have studied with a less gifted teacher. Mr. Matthews is great. If you really want to push yourself and to make progress in the art of piano playing, I highly recommend that you study with him for at least an hour a week. For me, it has been time well spent with an awesome teacher and a wonderful human being.

Bob Blaney

I am a beginner student, 80 yrs. old, and we work on the kind of music I enjoy.

Hank Resnick 2Art Matthews is great. He is the number 1 drill sergeant, but a wonderful piano teacher, the nicest man you will ever meet. I am a beginner student, 80 yrs. old, and we work on the kind of music I enjoy. Art has me playing great songs after just a few lessons. He makes you work, but it is worth it. It was a lucky day for me when I found him.

Hank Resnick

He makes his classes very enjoyable and his teaching skills are very up to date with technology but at the same time keeps it old school.


Art Matthews is the best music teacher that I have ever encountered. In my life I have had about four music teachers and none of them was up to par when it came to teaching music. I was fortunate enough to take piano lessons with Mr. Matthews at the age of thirteen. Unfortunately I had to drop out of the lessons only after a few months. Six years later I was willing and able to go back to piano lessons and Mr. Matthews was the only teacher that I wanted to teach me how to play piano. I was so excited to find out that he hadn't completely retired and that he was still teaching. The reason for that is because he takes the time to teach you in-depth details of music and also has tons of patience. Not only does he have patience but he is very flexible when it comes to working out a schedule so that I am allowed to have a busy life and still attend his music classes. He makes his classes very enjoyable and his teaching skills are very up to date with technology but at the same time keeps it old school. I am very blessed to have Mr. Matthews as a music teacher and I’m sure anyone else who has had him or is going to will feel the same way.

Grace Georges

I was able to learn a great amount of jazz knowledge within my first few lessons

Michelle GardnerI am currently a student of Art Matthews, and have been one for almost four years. Since I had played the piano for about seven years, I decided to join my high school Jazz Band when entering the ninth grade. Little did I know that my many years of classical piano studying, had little to nothing to do with jazz piano. This is when I began lessons with Mr. Matthews. I was able to learn a great amount of jazz knowledge within my first few lessons, and instantly began to comprehend the world of jazz. Chords were immediately introduced, as well as the details of how they work and how I could use them while playing. Throughout the months to come, Mr. Matthews enlightened me with new ideas, concepts and music, always reminding me that there is not enough time in life to know everything about music, which helped encourage me to keep up with practicing. Art Matthews has not only used his experience with inspirational jazz pianists and many years of playing jazz, to help me learn. He has also taken advantage of the numerous musical computer programs available today. These programs have helped provide music, practice drills and games, as well as transcribing abilities to edit songs to our likings. Mr. Matthews uses these programs to his best advantage, and I have grown due to his patience and drive to learn and use them, not to mention his Woodshed CD. This CD was designed by Matthews, and contains an ample amount of helpful information for learning and practicing, that can be available during the lesson and at home. I have found Matthews' computer use both exciting and very helpful. As a senior in high school, I am still in my Jazz Band, and I can give much of my success in class credit to Art Matthews and his jazz knowledge and teaching abilities.

Michelle Gardner

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