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"Gotta get to my study room!"

AC #46 Improve Your Memory w/ A Trip Down Memory Lane

When it comes to learning, memory and concentration are two mental skills that we all need to have, and keeping both skills in great shape is something we can all do very easily.

Memory – the ability to retain and recall information or experiences.

Concentration – the ability to focus attention on a certain subject or item for a period of time without being distracted.

Memory and concentration usually come with newborns as parts of their “standard equipment”InTheCrib. BabywithMomandDad Babies remember the voices and faces of their parents and can concentrate for considerable amounts of time on a toy or a shiny, colorful, noisy, mobile object in their crib. In many cases, babies who are attracted to music become musicians!

BabyHandonPianoFrom babgraduation-hatyhood through adulthood, having good memory and concentration abilities are valuable, life-enhancing assets for just about everyone because the better you are at both disciplines, the better you’ll be at learning things.

In piano lessons and in the field of music in general, being able to remember and concentrate will pay you big dividends because there are many, many things on which you’ll be called to use these skills.

How do you improve your memory? Just keep it active by giving it plenty of use and exercise! Constantly give yourself things to remember and things on which to concentrate!

It makes no difference whether you’re remembering the shapes and names of the lower 48 states and their capitals, or the names of piano keys and the lines and spaces of the grand staff. Your ability to remember and concentrate may be applied to anything and everything about your life.

Keep learning new things and putting yourself in situations where you need to recall and use what you’ve learned. Learn new songs! New words! From people’s names to facts about your hobby or profession, the opportunities in life to use your memory and concentration are countless!

So, with all of that said, let’s climb in the car and take a mini-trip down three memory lanes and have a little fun while we’re traveling!

Before you start, do the following warm-up activity which exercises your mind’s power of focus.

Click here to do the warm-up, then move on to explore each of the memory lanes.

Click a green arrow tip to select a memory lane to explore.

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If you’d like to do some additional memory exercise activities, click the following links:

Link 1

Link 2

Have fun and practice well. See you next post.