Student Study Page #001: Piano Key Name Drills

Piano Key Name Drills
If you are a beginner or someone who may need to get back to the basics for whatever reason, use the next four utilities on this page in their numerical order of presentation to ensure that you thoroughly learn the piano key names starting with the white keys first.

Each red-note question may be answered by using your mouse or qwerty keyboard commands in conjunction with the up & down arrow keys when answering questions on sharps and flats, i.e. for a C# question, press/hold the up arrow key first, then press the qwerty C key. to answer. If Db is the question, press/hold the up arrow key first, then press the qwerty D key to answer.

Since each exercise utility is never-ending and presents questions indefinitely, you’ll want to set some type of completion benchmark such as answering 100 questions correctly or using the timer, located at the top of each utility, to set a time limit, such as 5 to 10 minutes perhaps. If you use the timer method, be sure to click the Reset Score button when you start each utility. In either case, keep working until you have a success rate that’s between 90% and 100%.

1: Name The Natural Keys (White Keys)
Keyboard Note Identification #1: Your first mission is to learn the names of the white keys.

2: Name The Black-Key Sharps
Keyboard Note Identification #2: Your second mission is to learn the black-key sharp names.

3: Name The Black-Key Flats
Keyboard Note Identification #3: Your third mission is to learn the black-key flat names.

4: Name All of The Keys Quickly
Keyboard Note Identification #4: Your fourth mission is to name them all quickly!