May (2017) Spotlight Feature

I just posted a two-hand transcription I did of Mulgrew playing Freddie Hubbard’s composition, “Suite Sioux” in the Study Materials section of my website store. I chose to spell the title the same way that it appears on Freddie’s original 1970 “Red Clay” album.

Mulgrew turned in a beautiful rendition of the tune which he recorded on his 1995 album titled, “Getting To Know You”, where this song’s title is spelled “Sweet Sioux”.

This is the third transcription I’ve done of Mulgrew and my students love his playing, as do I.  A couple of them have recently expressed an interest in taking a closer look at McCoy Tyner too. Therefore, the next “Spotlight Feature” will be of something in which McCoy Tyner is involved–either as a leader or a side man. Stay tuned!

I’ve “gotta” go for now. Practice well.

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