Hot House Hanon is Here

What is Hot House Hanon? It is a packaged collection of accompaniment or play-along tracks, formatted as MP3s, that correspond to each of the 60 exercises found in the world-famous book of piano finger exercises titled “Hanon Complete”.

I’ve divided this package and made it available in the same partitions as the traditional book:

Book 1 – Exercises   1 – 20
Book 2 – Exercises 21 – 43
Book 3 – Exercises 44 – 60
Complete – Exercises 1 – 60

Each package comes to you as a “Zip” file containing the MP3s and skeletal standard music notation PDFs which correspond to each exercise in the package.

Zip Box 1 mp3-file-3 HHH Skeletal PDF

Also enclosed are Transcribe! XSC files for each exercise. These files allows for the custom looping and tempo changing of the MP3s without “changing their key”. However, please note that the Transcribe! program (sold separately) is needed to use these files. If you want to use a different “slow-downer” program or you aren’t interested in loops and tempo change, simply delete all of the .XCS files.

Practice well and have fun.

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