April (2017) Spotlight Feature

I’ve returned to Mulgrew Miller for the April 2017 Spotlight Feature. My students and I are taking another look at him through studying this transcription I did of him playing “Yardbird Suite”.

First, I must again send a special “Thank you!” and shout-out to Dr. Kenneth Beilman for video taping several songs performed by Mulgrew’s trio, in 1999 at his 10th annual jazz event, and making them available to the public on his YouTube channel. The trio showcases Richie Goods on bass and Rodney Green on drums. Thank you Dr. Beilman!

The PDF transcription that appears in the video is available for $5.00 in my website store. The entire performance of Mulgrew’s right hand only is documented and I also included Richie Goods walking bass solo.

Also, for an enhanced study experience, there is a $7.00 “zip” package that contains the PDF and a thoroughly sectioned course-by-course TRANSCRIBE! .xsc file which is synced to an edited video of the performance–I spliced-out the contiguous portion of the drum solo. (For those who may be unfamiliar with the TRANSCRIBE! program, go to https://www.seventhstring.com/ for information.)

In either case, the transcription is a 12-pager so make sure your printer is properly papered fired-up if you want a print-out.

That’s all the time I have for now but, stay tuned, more transcriptions in general and more with Mulgrew will be coming soon… one can learn a lot of things about music and improvising from studying his piano transcriptions

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