March (2017) Spotlight Feature

Here is a right-hand-only transcription of a wonderfully gifted musician playing an original piece he dedicated to his parents. He is an excellent multi-instrumentalist and seems to be a very nice person too!

I did this transcription/video as a way for my students and me to study this particular “snapshot” of his artistry and as tribute to him turning 30 on February 27, 2017.

Now that he’s officially “over the hill”, I guess he’s officially an “old man”! However, being such a young “old man”, I’m hoping that he will have many years ahead of him to continue his work of spreading great music and love around the world.

Happy birthday Cory

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About Art Matthews

Art Matthews, son of Dr. Artie Matthews Ph.D. (1888-1958), is a retired pianist performer/educator who teaches music to beginner and intermediate students in private lessons, group lessons, and computer lab-ready schools online worldwide.