This is the place on my site where you can focus your attention on adding musical “words” to your playing or further developing the “words” you may already have in your “vocabulary”. Art-Shades-WU I’ve heard the word “licks” used in describing this type of practice item and that’s fine. However, with the mindset and approach I use, which draws parallels between music language and spoken language, I like to refer to them as “words” and “phrases”. Vocabulary, conjugation, phrases, sentences. paragraphs, commas, and periods are words that teachers of English use on a daily basis. Because of the aforementioned parallels, I use those same words with my music students–especially in the context of improvisation study. Learning musical words, phrases, and voicings in all keys, by using the 12-key conjugation play-along accompaniment tracks found just below, is something that I highly recommend. If you’re not sure how to use this section, contact me and set up a couple of online lessons. Feel free to check in frequently and please share this site with your friends on social media. Thanks!

Browse the items. Make your selection. Put your thinking cap on. Start your workout!
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WordUp Virtual Accompaniment Tracks Start Here (Word and Phrase Items Begin in the Next Section) 

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Word and Phrase Items Start Here

Two by Four WordsWords that cover two beats with four notes.

Each measure is an independent "Word" entity and all written measures are based on the Key of C.

“Practice more WordUp items or click me to select another mall store?”


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