Now! Piano lessons without leaving home! Lessons 24/7

Want to learn how to play your favorite song?
Want to learn how to read music? Play by ear? Improvise?
Now you can do all of that without leaving home!
Private lessons and group classes of up to 100 students are available!

If you’re a busy parent wanting piano lessons for your child and you’d like to save some time… If you’re a student in public or private school, home school, or college wanting piano lessons… If you’re a person with a busy work schedule or retired and you want piano lessons for yourself. This is your answer!  Driving or shuttling to music class is no longer required! Long commutes, traffic, parking, drop-off, pick-up and waiting inconveniences are now things of the past! Art Matthews Online Piano Lessons offers you face-to-face half-hour or one-hour lessons in your home through your computer and webcam in real time. We’re looking for beginner and intermediate students of all ages who are eager to learn how to play piano or keyboard.

I can help you with:

  • Learning piano key and staff note names, intervals, scales, basic chords, and music theory.
  • Ear training, jazz chords, voicings, jazz improvisation, and improving your piano technique.
  • Learning to play tunes, songs, etudes from sheet music or by ear from your CDs, & mp3s.
  • Improving your music reading skills in “Rhythm-a-ning” and “Pitch-a-ma-ning” classes!
  • Improving your bassline and melodic movement through chord progression drills & songs.

It’s easy to get started. You’ll need:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop +  webcam +  headset)

  • A piano (electric piano or keyboard or acoustic piano)

  • A free Zoom or Skype account


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