Art Matthews is the best piano teacher I have ever had.

sm.e19bcb2f.pngArt Matthews is the best piano teacher I have ever had. He is not only supremely experienced in the teaching and the playing of the piano but also has rubbed shoulders with some of the jazz greats. I have never met someone who knows so much about the piano who, at the same time, has such a deep background in the music world. All of this distinguishes Mr. Matthews more than favorably from other piano teachers and makes him a perfect choice for those who wish truly to excel in their studies. The first thing that struck me about Mr. Matthews was his reliance upon his vast teaching experience and knowledge base when he initially instructed me. Mr. Matthews often creates his own lesson plans that are tailor-made to improve my weaknesses and that, at the same time, play off of my strengths. As well, Mr. Matthews also uses selected book exercises to address pertinent issues I may have. Combining lessons based off of extant material along with his own approach, Mr. Matthews teaches with just the right mix of structure and fluidity that makes progress steady and fun. As well, Mr. Matthews is one of the best people I have ever known. Patient and kind, he tends to each lesson with compassion and devotion. I never feel small or otherwise lacking in his presence. And I certainly make my share of mistakes! Yet, I have noticed that those mistakes, under the supervision of Mr. Matthews, are growing fewer and more far between. Furthermore, thanks to Mr. Matthews’ teaching, I have been able to undertake the study of more and more challenging material, material that would have remained out of reach if I were to have studied with a less gifted teacher. Mr. Matthews is great. If you really want to push yourself and to make progress in the art of piano playing, I highly recommend that you study with him for at least an hour a week. For me, it has been time well spent with an awesome teacher and a wonderful human being.