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AC #19 Can Your Dog Learn to Play Piano? Read Music?

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Well if you are expecting your dog to play some jazz, blues, classical or pop music after a few sessions with a teacher, I’ll say that it will take more than a few lessons in most cases! (Smile!) However, if your dog seems to enjoy just doodling around on the keys, I’d say encourage it! I’ve known that many animals actually like music and will listen and respond to it in their own way.  

I used to have a cat named Tom-Two who loved to sit on the piano and listen to music while I practiced alone or rehearsed with a group that had drums, horns, singer(s), and everything! Tom absolutely loved it! He’d stay on the piano and listen and purr until I was done or the rehearsal was over.

Although Tom would sit still, stay present, and listen to may types of music, he couldn’t stand the sound of a marching band!  As soon as any parade would pass our home, he’d run under the bed or couch and stay there with flattened ears until it had passed and the drums and music were completely out of ear shot!

The idea of trying to teach Tom or any of my previous pets to play the piano never entered my mind but when I first saw what I’m about to share with you, I didn’t know what to think or make of it! But the more I thought about it, I said, “Why not?” 

Kanal von Schlauwauwau, who I feature in the virtual magazine’s title article links, makes very  serious efforts at teaching her dogs something about music. I agree with a point she made to one of her responders that “dogs really need new challenges like all intelligent creatures”. Her dogs have really taken to their lessons in ear training and note reading!  She also has some birds that seem to be interested in music too!

Speaking of birds, check out this parrot dancing to Gangnam-Style. It might do well at piano!

I think that Ms. Schlauwauwau, her dogs, and her birds are awesome!  Her work is very interesting to me and I’ll continue to follow her by visiting her YouTube channel.  I would love to see this kind of work done with dolphins and other animals known to possess exceptional intelligence. Personally, however, all of my teaching activities will remain focused on working with people of all ages.

See you next post.

Practice well!