"Gotta get to my study room!"


During my years in the music business, I have seen and known a number of amazing musicians who never took a music lesson in their life, couldn’t read a note of music if it were as big as a computer monitor, and never practiced their instrument at all! Nevertheless, every time these God-gifted players would perform, they’d open up a can of “feel-good” and their musical magic would simply amaze every ear that was near which could “hear”! 

I’ve seen the same “natural-ability” phenomenon manifest itself in people from other walks-of-life too. Yes! There are people in other fields who either hold practice in low regard or they don’t practice at all!  

Although practicing may be unnecessary and unimportant to these types of “natural-ability” people, –some of whom seem to have been born with their God-given talents fully developed at birth–, most of us mere mortals have to really work hard at getting ourselves to any decent level of achievement through P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.  How do you feel about it?

In the two video snippets below, two people from different professions express their feelings about practice! Check them both out!



 I recommend lots of practice for all my students because it has always been an important part of my musical life and, as referenced in one of the video snippets, it’s something that was/is recommended and done by many of the musicians I most admire.

If you’re serious about improving your musicianship, then practicing your instrument should be a very important part of your life and it is really helpful to have some ways to make your practice fun.

If you’re ever feeling uninspired and/or at a loss for things to practice, take a few lessons from me because I have a few ideas that should get you fired-up and ready to go again! I feel that there is not enough time in life to practice everything that could be practiced! So find me or find someone else to coach you and go get busy!