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AC #62 March (2017) Spotlight Feature

Cory Standing Straight-Up

Cory Henry is the artist in the March 2017 Spotlight Feature. I think he is one of the most gifted musicians that have come to the forefront of the public’s attention in recent years. One of my students introduced me to him, “figuratively”, and I quickly became a fan.

He plays all of the instruments in the keyboard family and he plays them all exceeding well! He is a multi-instrumentalist who is “at home” in any musical genre in which you might find him playing. Here’s a link of him playing drums.

 In this Spotlight Feature, he is playing the Hammond B3 Organ on an original composition he dedicated to his parents titled…

Heart At Midnight

Heart At Midnight image

I did this transcription/video as a way for my students and me to have a little fun while we study this particular snapshot of Cory’s artistry, and to wish him a “Happy Birthday” (2/27/87).

I transcribed the complete song performance but limited the scope and focus of the document to his right-hand only. A PDF of the transcription is available as a free download on my website.

In general, my first purpose in doing transcriptions is to give my students and me some additional material to help us in our study and analysis of improvisation. However, being a valued visitor and guest, you too are welcome to download all of the freebies that I’ll be posting and to purchase any of the other deeply-discounted materials that are displayed in the store.  (No membership or password restrictions here! Just come on in and join us!)

If you’re not familiar with Cory, you can check him out further on the Internet.  In the meantime, for your convenience, I’ve included the following 7 links of him playing various “boards”:

Amazing Grace;
He Has Made Me Glad;
Giant Steps;
Donna Lee;
Billie Jean (with an orchestra);

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Practice well.

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